How Dagmar Nešněrová uses Flying Dog

Komunikat o błędzie

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In the introduction, it is necessary to say that products of Flying Dog series are not a substitute for a solid food, but are necessarily important supplements for everybody who has active and racing dogs and who looks for something above-standard and approved. Flying Dog products are not „water of live“, how some customers think. They are food supplements which influence is visible only in regular and long term usage. These products increase the condition of a dog, reduce time of regeneration and prepare a dog for next performance which can be either more intensive or longer-lasting. The nutrition is highly valued by competitors for one-time 360m or 5km race, as well as by competitors who have loaded their dogs in several days in a row in volumes of 15 – 20km.

Flying Dog Gelatine

I recommend using this product during all tree phases of a dog life. It is good to serve it already to a puppy that needs it for the optimal growth of joints. And I recommend using it as well as regeneration for joints after first easy performance. The product is indispensable in adulthood, because joints of loaded and trained dogs may be overloaded and it can lead to pain. Moreover, the product not only affects joints and dog's fur, but it also affects paw pads, which suffer while running on hard surface. I can really confirm this according to results of tests done?? with a group of dogs who were equally loaded. The first half of the group did not get the Gelatine at all. Later on, I found out that paw pads of some dogs bear tracks of blood. Their condition improved after 3 month using of Gelatine.

I serve the Gelatine 4-5 times a week during the whole year. I leave out three months after the end of season, when dogs are free. Serving the product to older dogs prolongs the active period of live and postpones troubles with joints. It reduces occurrence of inflammations and joints painfulness.

Dáša Nešněrová - Flying Dog Gelatine - excellent supplement for loaded joints and paw pads.

Flying Dog Calcium

I have a very good experience with this product as I have with Gelatine. I appreciate the possibility of exact dosage due to gelatine capsules. I do not like irregular, random using of calcium by tea spoon. Moreover, the absorption of calcium is increased up to 70% thanks to casein-fosfopeptid. It maintains the maximum of peak bone mass, which is visible on the condition of dogs. The theory that healthy and solid bones are the basis for healthy and solid joints and not ruined articular surfaces is proven. This product is an integral part of preparedness of my dogs and I use it in a similar way as the Gelatine. I see and hear that Flying Dog Calcium is being overlooked by some of my customers.

Dáša Nešněrová - Flying Dog Calcium - healthy and solid bones are required for health joints.

Flying Dog Mineral

Dogs, as any other living creature, need a sufficient amount of water. We can see that if dogs are well hydrated, they are fresh and do well their training load. Since we use Flying Dog Mineral, we really recommend it to everybody. It is difference, whether dogs drink pure water or whether they drink water with ions, which tight water on themselves and perfectly hydrate the organism. The last dose of Mineral is 4 hours before a performance. We use Flying Dog Mineral during training days and every day in summer. Sometimes, when we do interval training, we serve Mineral before the last 1km of a track.

Dáša Nešněrová - Flying Dog Mineral Drink - sufficient amount of water - the dogs really fly.

Flying Dog After

An often discussed topic is what I serve to my dogs immediately after a performance. My dogs use After Drink. Literally, they “polish off” a bowl with After Drink. If they were lying even one hour after a race, after having After they were active already after 25-30 minutes. Thanks to After they regenerate more quickly. The indicator that the drink suits dogs is that they eat granules and meat served one hour after a performance without any problems.

Some of my customers serve After Drink four days before a race and if their dog does not win, they do not use anything similar at all. I would like to assure you that I serve all 4 products to my dogs for a long period of time. Start using products of Flying Dog series systematically and I will be pleased to share my experience with you.

Dáša Nešněrová - Flying Dog After - effective regeneration, practice according to our training plan